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Quality Parts, For Over 50 Years.

Cardinal Industries was founded in 1972 with a commitment to doing things better and to exceed customer expectations. This commitment has served as the cornerstone to Cardinal's success as a high volume producer of precision plastic and rubber products and assemblies.

The founder of Cardinal has a long history in the manufacturing business and has been involved with manufacturing since the early 1960's. With a vision to make a difference in the manufacturing arena, Cardinal had a humble beginning in the plastic and rubber molded products industry in a small tool room housed in a one-car garage in Minneapolis, MN. Today, Cardinal occupies a modern 40,000 square-foot facility with the latest in manufacturing technology. From product conception to an optimized manufacturing process, Cardinal has the engineering expertise and manufacturing technology to produce the high-quality products customers around the world have come to expect.

Care & Craftsmanship in Mold Building
Craftsmen at Cardinal construct intricate and efficient molds quickly, whether simple single-cavity molds or complex multi-cavity molds. Molds are constructed with high-quality mold bases and selected tool steels.

Our long-life and easy-to-repair steel molds are engineered by our fully qualified, skilled toolmakers using modern production techniques to provide maximum process windows. New precision steel molds operate with dollar-saving speed, longevity and accuracy. And, we can even troubleshoot existing molds using state-of-the-art engineering techniques.

To ensure you receive a superior mold at a competitive price, we provide reliable quotes, solid designs, and periodic tool progress reports. Our mold-making capabilities include high-speed CNC milling, CNC EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining), and others to produce complex molds with intricate detail, minimum time frame and reduced cost.

At Cardinal Industries we also provide mold maintenance free-of-charge
(warranted for the life of your production).

So CONTACT US for all your quoting needs, and put 50+ years of experience to work for you.

Tool & Die

With our team concept and close working relationship with each customer, our integrated engineering process is designed to analyze your mold needs and performance requirements. We pride ourselves in our ability to solve your design-to-production challenges and deliver a high-quality mold engineered to your exact specifications.

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